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Thursday, April 10, 2008

How to use an inhaler on a cat

When the veterinarian told us that our cat needed medication to treat her bronchitis, we expected the prescription to be in the form of pills. We were shocked to find out that we would be treating her with an inhaler! Just how do you get a cat to suck in medication from an inhaler? Apparently, you use a device similar to one created for treating infants. The instructions that came with it provided a verbal description, but their imagery left a lot to be desired, so I drew this how-to-help-your-cat illustration.


Mary Byrne said...

Mark, I hope you sent this diagram to the cat medicine people. It's difficult enough to try to medicate a cat woith an inhaler, of all things. To have a bad picture wityh the directions is adding insult to injury. Nice work. I hope they pay you money and that your cat is feeling better.

Mark Monlux said...

Not only is my cat feeling better. But, she no longer struggles against the inhaler. She even purrs now when the medication hits her lungs.

Peanut said...

Thanks for this - a great help. We were a bit intimidated by the thought of having to do this but it has worked out well and our cat is also feeling much better now :-)

Mark Monlux said...

I'm glad the image was helpful.

Our cat has been using the inhaler for years now. If we don't give it to her in a timely fashion she comes and reminds us. It has also made giving her other medication easier as she is now of the mindset that this form of interaction makes her feel better.

Alyson Coppens said...

This illustration is fabulous! I am a feline veterinarian and would love to use this illustration for clients. Would you mind if we used it in handouts (with the copyright at the bottom, of course).

Alyson Coppens, DVM
Kentwood Cat Clinic

Mark Monlux said...

Dear Alyson,
Would you please send me the snail mail address for your clinic. I will pop a licensing agreement into the mail. Please send me the address via email to