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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Return of Stickman #924

Some might argue that dogs have high blood pressure.

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tudza said...

You got a citation on that spleen business, it just doesn't sound right. The only things I come up with on the first two or three pages in Google concerning gas and spleens concerns gas produced in diseased spleens.

WebMD does not mention anything to do with spleens on it's first entry under "gas":

Mark Monlux said...

Are you suggesting that Stickman is not 100% accurate in his statements, that he might be full of hot air?

tudza said...

If Stickman is full of hot air, is it smelly?

The way I read the comic, I was not sure if that was a joke. Is it?

I'm really trying to stop the inevitable, where I hear from somebody in the distant future that it's the gospel truth that your spleen causes terrible gas. Call it a hobby of mine.

I'm the guy who cries, "It ain't so!" when somebody says NASA spent millions on a space pen while the Russians just used pencils or when someone says posh means "Port Out Starboard Home".

Mark Monlux said...

The news article Stickman read on the internet said that the spleen caused the smellier gas. And we all know that you can believe anything you read on the internet.

Jolidog said...

Tomorrow it's front page news on every major newspaper!