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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Comic Critic Reviews Tron Legacy

Jeff Bridges has made a career of making Disney movies and I wanted to draw a little attention to that in my review of Tron Legacy. Nothing can ever quite capture that full-out wow factor of the first Tron’s ground-breaking special effects. The sequel required awesome special effects to keep pace with the emotions stirred by the first film. And while there is no way I can expect younger viewers to go back and see the first Tron with the same eyes I did, I did want my review to encourage them to take it in anyway. Commenting on the new and improved light suits was my way of tackling the iconic visuals of the first movie. The suits underwent huge improvements—from Atari to Armani. Mimicking but up-scaling, this sequel fulfills its task of mirroring the old one, still the modern adventure film that families can enjoy along with all of us die-hard geeks.


Matt Goldey said...

So Mark, what's the thing that's missing?

Mark Monlux said...

Do you remember in the first movie that he crashed in that thing, and there was this other little thing that floated around him afterwards, and became a minor comedic element in the film? That's the thing I'm talking about.