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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Return of Stickman #1291

Sometimes I write these strips and toss them into a queue. I never know when one of the small news story that inspire my strips will turn into a national story. This story came and went with all the fury of a 25¢ bottle rocket.


Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon said...

A couple of questions:

1) "Quite Car"? So trains have a designated car specifically for low noise? I'd never heard of that before.

2) 16 hours to Oregon from California? That sounds slow... but I guess the train has to go through... what is that - Grants Pass? or something? Still - 16 hours? I guess the noise person had extra batteries!

Writer said...

You didn't say what race she was

Mark Monlux said...

A Quiet Car is one where no noise, talking, singing, etc. is allowed. This is so people on long trips can have a breather from, say, noisy children, a grandmother who won't talking about her arthritis, etc.

Unlike Japan, the U.S. relies on ancient railroad tracks that are required to slow down through towns, and, yes, there are a few mountain passes along the way.

Mark Monlux said...

There are plenty of news stories that will tell you her name, race, weight and other statistics that can easily be used to reinforce stereotypes. My strip was all about focusing on how she proved that she was an annoyingly rude person through her actions.