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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Comic Critic Review The Fifth Element

1997 was a fantastic year for movies. There was barely a dull moment as one highly entertaining film after another was released. I challenge you: Go and take a look at what came out in ’97, and I’ll bet you’ll have seen all of them. If you didn’t see them in a theater (which is too bad), then you’ve definitely seen them on television or DVD in the decade since. And if somehow you did miss any, you must go back and watch them. Among a crowd of great films, The Fifth Element made the top ten. I think it holds up over the years due to the efforts of its creative professionals’ production of this romping, futuristic, fantasy sci-fi yarn. It’s become a staple of the sci-fi geek diet.


tudza said...

If they had just taken out that loud mouthed annoying "comedian" guy it would have been a much better film. Shoot, I liked his intro, signing those Japanese school girls autograph books with a big paint brush, they should have left it at that and I'd have thought the man worthy of interest. I was quickly proven wrong.

Mark Monlux said...

Chris Tucker was in six films in two year. Each film moving him farther up the Hollywood Ladder. I wonder how well the Rush Hour franchise has been treating him, because I've not seen a him elsewhere. But I thought his over-the-top persona was perfect for the film.