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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Comic Critic Reviews Prometheus

My friend John Draper (who is not a member of the CLAW) and I went to see Prometheus together. He’d seen it already and wanted my take on it. The debate held during the monthly cartooning session of the CLAW was extremely entertaining. In fact, I’m sure Stowe would say that the debate was far more entertaining than the movie. I used it to showcase this review because there’s a very large portion of the movie audience out there that’s highly frustrated. It was also a struggle for me to avoid hearing or reading any discussions before I got a chance to see the movie—and I wanted to capture that in the strip as well. Of course, the amount of the debate relayed in this strip is miniscule in comparison to the time we spent hashing over Ripley’s Scott’s latest effort. You can find plenty of the controversy on the Internet if you’re interested. Warning: They’re full of spoilers.


KDBoze said...

Seven?!? I admire your generosity.

I'd give it a "3" at the most.

Read no further if you haven't seen the movie.

One of the things that makes "Alien" work is that these people are not scientists. They are ore refiners that find themselves thrown into a situation of scientific exploration. The one scientist in the group (Ash -- Ian Holm) is conspiring against them, which is more than enough motivation for him to do the crazy, counter-intuitive stuff he does.

But the Prometheus mission is made up entirely of scientists. And they do incredibly stupid things and they ignore all the basic research and containment protocols.
What scientist would remove his helmet just becuase there are high indications of oxygen? You are totally ignoring the possibility of airborne pathogens, radiation, etc.
What biologist would freak out at the sight of a dead extraterrestrial? I only know four "real" scientists, but every one of them would give his right arm for a chance to examine a dead extraterrestrial.
How can two scientists get lost when they have a detailed 3D scan of the place they are exploring, and they are in constant communication with the ship?

The audience I was with found themselves laughing out loud at the outrageously idiotic situations these so-called scientists were in. The movie's a joke, all right.

Anonymous said...

You guys really need jobs, or caretakers.


Carrot Cake said...

Prometheus was a 10/10
Best film of the year.

Haters need to be spoonfed.
What a LAZY generation of Americans with zero knowledge of mythology.