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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bumbershoot 2010 Day 2

We started the day by fortifying ourselves at The Hurricane Restaurant, a haunt well known by most the cartoonists in Seattle. We went into Bumbershoot at 11am, even though the bands don’t start playing until noon, to get in line for some canvas tote bags Toyota was silk screening on-site. Then it was off to the hidden KEQP stage where we would be seeing most of the bands on our list.

Fences – Krista introduced me to them; I’m going to add into my playlist rotation. I had a chance after the show to get all the band members to sign the sketch I drew while they were playing.
David Bazan – I stopped sketching while listening to these guys because the images they conjured in my head kept changing too quickly.
Aterciopelados – We listen to their albums a lot. Maybe if I understood Spanish I would have been more prepared for their colorful performance. The crowd was full of faithful fans.
Redwood Plan – The soccer gear the lead singer wore was a very valid indicator to the amount of energy she put into her performance. The rest of the band kept up too.
Bouncing Souls – Sometimes you can’t listen to a full set if you want to catch another band. We reluctantly had to leave them to see…
Surfer Blood - This is another band that Krista introduced me to. And again I need to listen to more of them. And again I was lucky enough to have the whole band sign the sketch I drew. They liked it so much that each member pulled the others out of the green room to come out and sign it.
Motion City Soundtrack – I think we enjoyed them even more Bouncing Souls. Both were at a new outdoor venue next to the EMP. Still, no rest for us as we marched across the center to see…
Delorean – We’re not fans of the new arrangement at the Broad Street Stage but we are fans of this group and stayed until folks shouted for an encore.
Weezer - We really enjoy their albums, and while we heard rumors of their live performance we did not expect the spidermanistic interaction that was both hilarious, spontaneous and wonderfully entertaining. Rivers Cuomo singing Beverly Hills from atop the port-o-potties had us in stitches. We left with the throngs all excited about the performances we will see on Monday.

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