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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Freez'n Tik'n

My work has been taking me to a lot of fun places. Most recently it took me on a couple of trips to Toronto, Canada. Toronto is filled with culture. I should know, I spent my time there in meetings located in the two main theaters there. Signatures of famous entertainers filled the walls. I would also like to say that Toronto was warm and inviting. But, it was in reality 10 degrees with a terrifying wind chill factor. I was inspired to draw this little tiki image after walking to a restaurant the concierge guaranteed was only a five minute walk away.

Many thanks for the folks who have been congratulating me on my recent award. Your praise is the coal that warms this pompous windbag’s heart. Getting warm was something I was in dire need after my trip to Toronto. And nobody has been piling in on heavier than my good friend David Juel. David also won an award at the Cartoonist Northwest . Toonies award. It was for the best clay sculpture. In this case, it was a sunburn pirate. His creation caught my vote because, as I said to him, “I like his crunchy abs.” My wife is puzzled be the parrot. How could anyone with sunburn that bad stand to have a parrot on their shoulder? David is also the most recent contributor to my The Return of Stickman strip. You can see his contribution here. I encourage my friends and fans to think up with their own stickman strips and send them in. Thanks again you David for your contribution.