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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Comic Critic Review Tarkan and the Blood of the Vikings

I let the words “Turkish Pulp Cinema” lure me into watching Tarkan and the Blood of the Vikings, aka: Tarkan vs. The Vikings. Maybe I was hoping to capture some of my youth. I’d be stuck inside on a rainy Saturday afternoon, and because the T.V. didn’t have a remote, I’d end up watching (out of sheer laziness) some poorly-dubbed Italian film featuring some herculean he-man throwing his weight around. Now I’m an adult laid up with the flu and stuck with watching this DVD from Netflix. If I wanted to see something else on my queue, I’d have to pop it into the mail. The horror is that two weeks later I’m still recovering from the bug, and this was the first of a double-feature DVD. I’ve suffered enough. The disc is back in the mail—with the second feature unwatched.