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Monday, October 31, 2016

Drawlloween 2016

A new holiday tradition for artists, both armature and professional, is to participate in month long drawing challenges. Inktober is for those you are strictly staying within the pen and ink medium. Drawlloween is for any medium. Each provides a calendar in which suggested themes for each day are given. Once your image is ready you post in on social media with a hash tag so that others who are participating can see what you what you came up with. Aside from that there are no rules. In years past I followed Inktober’s website and posted images to his blog there. This year I decided to do the Drawlloween calendar, but to still stick to an ink brush as my medium. I was successful in doing one a day and here you can see my whole collection for the month. Happy Halloween!

Day 1 - Return from the Dead

Day 2 - Carnival Creeps

Day 3 - Mummy Monday

Day 4 - Tentacle Tuesday

Day 5 - Better Gnomes & Goblins

Day 6- Urban Legends

Day 7 - What Lies In the Mist?

Day 8 -  8 Legs & 1,000 Eggs

Day 9 - He's A Dummy, Doll.

Day 10 - Demonday

Day 11 - Slimy Swamps, Foggy Bogs

Day 12 - I've Got A Hunchback

Day 13 - Thursday the Thirteenth

Day 14 - Scarecrow Row

Day 15 - Drive-In Creature Feature

Day 16 - Full Moon

Day 17 - Mad Science Monday

Day 18 - Nosfera-tuesday

Day 19 - Witchcraft Wednesday

Day 20 - Horses & Headless Men

Day 21 - Phantom Fhriday

Day 22 - Bat-urday

Day 23 - Superstition Sunday

Day 24 - Mechanical Monstrosity

Day 25 - Entombed Tuesday

Day 26 - They Came From Outer Space!

Day 27 - Call of C'thursday

Day 28 - Ghost-A-Go-Go

Day 29 - Black Caturday

Day 30 - Skulls & Skeletons

Day 31 - Trick 'R' Treat!

I'm looking forward to participating next year.