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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Comic Critic Reviews The Wizard of Oz

 While The Wizard of Oz wasn’t a blockbuster upon its initial opening, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer has since made a fortune from subsequent re-releases. Initial lack of box office success aside, the movie was nominated for a number of Oscars. Gone with the Wind might have won Best Picture, but The Wizard of Oz did win Best Music and Best Song. Sensing the movie’s growing popularity in the nation, and the lucrative profits to be had by careful licensing, MGM cleverly allowed it to be shown only once a year—on television. The Wizard of Oz went from a mere movie to an annual event, giving a sense of holiday to viewers. It softly represents a moment in history when black and white films were giving way to color film, when the country was striving to leave the dustbowl bleakness of the Great Depression behind and enter into a bright, fantastic, colorful future. The story fills that heart with warmth, encouraged strength of character, and remains fun for the whole family even to this day. I loved watching The Wizard of Oz every year when I was growing up. The movie left its mark on me as an adult. I belong to a not-so-secret secret society called The CLAW, and as part of our closing ceremony the members clap their hands twice and call out, “Beware the Flying Monkeys!”