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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bumbershoot 2010 Day 3

We decided that we would rather spend more time in bed than eat a proper breakfast. Instead we settled for a continental breakfast at the KEXP lounge before starting our final day of music listening bliss.

Ra Ra Riot
– A very fun way to start the day. I only got one member to sign the sketch I did during the show. The other members were long gone.
Brent Amaker & The Rodeo – This over the top western band all dressed in black sang wonderful song with hilarious and cranky lyrics. We wanted very much to pick up a CD or a t-shirt to remember them by but unfortunately they had neither. Bummer! Still, they were an early welcome surprise concert that we immediately changed our schedule to accommodate.
The Moondoggies – The parents of the drummer happened to be sitting next to me while I did the sketch. I got to meet them, their son, and the rest of the band members, all of who signed the sketch. Said goodbye to mom and dad moondoggy by giving them two beer tickets I had in my pocket.
The Thermals – All the strokes for the sketch I did were done in time to their music. I was really digging the music and they really dug the sketch, which they all signed.
The English Beat – These legends were so totally memorizing as I sat in the second row that I couldn’t take my eyes off them, let alone draw anything.
Meat Puppets – The sketchbook stayed in the backpack, as it would for the rest of the day because the sky started to leak a little.
Jenny & Johnny – Originally on our schedule, then off, it came back on as we got out of Flatstock and had time back in our schedule.
Laura Veires & The Hall of Flames – We were too late to spend more time at the comic exhibition because it closed down at 8, which is where Laura was playing. So we sat down and listened before heading over to The Spits
The Spits – Okay, we actually didn’t stick around the watch The Spits. After finding that we were 25 minutes early for the concert we confessing to each other that we were exhausted. At which time limping to the car and driving home to our very welcoming bed sounded like a wonderful idea. We hope The Spits will forgive us.