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Friday, December 9, 2011

Geeks of Doom Feature Metropolis T-shirt

Geeks of Doom is a great blog to which I subscribe. I like the emails they send out each day called "Geeks of Doom Invade Your eMail!" They keep me up to date on all sorts of cool stuff, including very geek-trendy t-shirt designs. I sent them an email yesterday showing them the Metropolis Bar & Grill design I drew up. They were very interested in the fact that my pre-orders allowed me to order sizes above 2XL as it is a complaint they often hear. I'm completely blown away that they decided to feature my shirt today in their Geek Gear. If your a geek like me, and enjoy seeing something fun and new every day, then I can't recommend their site enough.

Oh, if you do pre-order, I'm throwing in free shipping. So the shirts are only $20. Sizes over 2XL are just a little more. It's not so much the cost of printing, it's the cost of the cloth increases with the larger sizes. That might be why aren't carried very often. As a sole-proprietorship, every pre-order alleviates the financial burden or the press run. So, thank you for your pre-order. You can order a shirt here.