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Monday, October 30, 2017

The Comic Critic Reviews "Frankenstein"

I must have been introduced to Frankenstein at a very early age. I cannot remember a time when this movie wasn’t in my mental wheelhouse. And what a film to have on one of your earliest movie experience paving stones. Frankenstein is the story of a human creating a sentient being. It’s a look at how heedless scientific advancement without forethought can bring horror into the world for both the creator and the created. It’s a mirror of the human condition where people can be seen as gentle, but are usually ugly creatures, afraid and superstitious, blindly lashing out at what is not understood. Mankind is as gruesome as the creature, and not nearly so innocent. I wanted to convey that thought in this strip while also portraying a few of the elements so attractive to me as a child. And which remain attractive to me to this day. What truly horrifies me is when I hear that there are people walking the planet who have not seen Frankenstein. This movie is a must-see for anybody. It is in my top ten movies of all time.