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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Return of Stickman #1278

This did not happen in real life. At least, not to me. I did want to draw a wordless strip this week. And I also wanted to write a strip about what people should or shouldn't write in their diaries. I read a lot of blogs and public diaries. And by doing so I found that there are some things I just can't stand reading about.

1. Illness
2. Pets
3. Spleen venting
4. Politics
5. Bastards

I'm not saying that these subjects should be completely taboo. I'm saying when it comes to an online diary I'm not going to turn in to listen to you say, again, how cute Cuddles the cat is when she sleeps in the sink (complete with photos.) I'm also not going to subscribe if all you do is go on and on about your bedsore, least favorite politician, or you noisy neighbors in the upstairs apartment. I take that back. I will listen about your noisy neighbors. Just not for longer than three paragraphs.

Damn. I'm spleen venting.