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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Return of Stickman #1198

What makes this strip so funny is my friend Adam the Alien just got electrocuted. I mean, I drew this strip last week based on a true event and he gets zapped this week. Well, I made up the gum bit. Oh, and it gets even funnier. Adam was plugging in a battery to work on his laptop, to complete a project, for me. Now my friend Stowe, a fellow member of The CLAW, is saying that I'm trying to murder him. Please! It's not me! It is the curse of the Princess Leia Bobblehead! Which he won from me when he placed second in a Chalk Off. Of course Adam claims Princess Leia should have been his from a previous chalk off, but for a technicality in the Chalk Off's highly convoluted voting system had me walking home with the prize. But it just creeped the hell out of me, so I put it back in the prize hopper. Now Adam has it, and just looked what happened to him. It's a curse I tell you.