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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Comic Critic Reviews Super Mario Brothers - The Movie

Bob Hoskin’s kids were excited to hear that the Super Mario Brothers video game was going to be turned into a movie, then groaned their disappointment when he told them he was going to be the star. Bob’s kids may have sensed what the rest of us were thinking: “Hollywood just doesn’t get it.” Just because it was the first movie to be made from a popular video game (rather than the other way around) doesn’t mean it was going to be great. But as the first of its kind, it became an industry benchmark to be enjoyed with the understanding that it went boldly where no one had gone before. Too bad they made it with some overused stock movie scenarios. While I was tempted to give it a four, the sad fact is that it hasn’t held up over the years.

This review was delayed by the city of Tacoma, who, in their infinite wisdom declared that I needed to remove or repair a large eyesore of a shed. I've been meaning to tear it down for year, and now I had a deadline. So the last week I've been learning the difference between a catspaw and a crowbar. I've also learned that if you stack wood tightly in a rental dumpster you can fill it nearly solid. And the last thing I learned was that hiding under my shed's floor was one huge hole. Was it a well? septic tank? outhouse pit? We will never know because I'm filling it with sod and rocks from the yard. Anyway, my posting will go back to their normal schedule.