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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Return of Stickman #1428

The news story that inspired this strip is even sadder than I make it out. When the cremation company found two, yeah, not one but two, mislaid bodies in the back of their storage unit they were a bit perplexed. Then, without a phone call, they show up at this little old lady's door, at night-time, and show her a photo of her partially decade husband and ask her to identify him. That's horrible enough, she can't get that image out of her mind. On top of that there's no answer to the other questions. Who's ashes were moved instead, and who is that other body? When I decided on this week's theme I knew I would have plenty of material to work with. I was just surprised at how much. And some of the stories, like the one that inspired this strip, provided enough material to do several strips. It's enough for me to understand the Jewish custom of having somebody sit with the dead. If nothing else, it's so you can keep track of them.