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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Comic Critic Reviews Titanic

Titanic is one of the best date movies ever. It has a strong appeal to both sexes. The heroine undergoes a rollercoaster of emotion, a rising dread of a fearful plummet ahead, followed by the thrill of living, the rise of love, the rapid twists and turns as that love is tested—only to go through another rise of dread for yet another plummet. In short, she’s all over the map emotionally. The hero is a rogue on an adventure. He charms, seduces, revels and then fights for the life of the one he loves. Here you have a chick flick and an action flick in one. And on top of that, you have it all under the guise of an historical disaster movie. It’s really not a surprise to me that Titanic went on to become one of the largest international blockbusters of all time.