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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Comic Critic Reviews Mrs. Miniver

This movie has stuck with me over the years. I still remember how much I cried during this WWII tear-jerker when, as a kid, I saw it on television. ‘Though I’d seen other WWII films with piles of he-man action and bravery, this was the very first one that showed the British “Home Front.” And while it was very saccharin, I didn’t hold that against the viewing experience. Maybe I was just more open-minded as a kid, but I still see Mrs. Miniver that way and love it to death every time I see it. That is why I’m hanging all cinema logic: it’s a ten in my book. And let me add that Mrs. Miniver won seven, count them, seven Oscars. Mine were not the only heartstrings touched.