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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Comic Critic Reviews Trollhunter

Back in the late seventies, I remember seeing lots of kitschy troll dolls in gift and tourist shops. No, I’m not talking about those little, smiling, pasteurized figures with tall, brightly colored hair. I’m talking about those warty, big-featured things with weird donkey tails sticking out of their twisted butts. Tufts of rabbit fur were glued to them. They were so ugly that they were intriguing. Then gnomes with their tall pointy hats became popular, and the trolls got shoved to the back of the shelves. I don’t want you to shove Trollhunter to the back. I want you to see it in its original Norwegian. Trust me, reading the subtitled translations will just add more fun to its found-documentary style. I can understand why the English-speaking film industry wants to cash in on this movie with a remake. Look for it in 2014. But please give the original a try. With the subtitles. You’ll enjoy it a lot more that way.

Special thanks to Saint Bryan and the folks at Evening Magazine for doing this story on The Comic Critic. As a result there has been a jump in subscriptions and sales at my store.