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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Comic Critic Reviews Monty Python's Life of Brian

I drew this strip in honor of the late Judy Burnett. Judy was a supporter of Cartoonists Northwest, a group in Seattle I’ve belonged to for a number of years. Aside from the group’s annual awards ceremony we hardly ever ran into each other. She was a fan of my work, and Life of Brian was one of her favorite movies. When I heard of her death, I was saddened that I would never again be warmed by her charming, vivacious personality. I was also bummed that I never got around to reviewing Life of Brian for her. I had delayed working on it because it’s difficult to review what many see as one of the best comedies ever made, one that I found only fairly amusing. I also felt a little awkward talking about Life of Brian because the one scene that did manage to shock the little Puritan in me was the full frontal of the character Judith’s overgrown muff. (Somebody please tell me that thatch was purposely choreographed. If it wasn’t, my embarrassment is going to know no bounds.)

Judy Burnett was a friend, and she’s going to get her review, however belatedly and how uncomfortable doing the review makes me.