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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Comic Critic Reviews The Blob

The 1988 version of The Blob is much-overlooked. The cult status of the original Blob appears to be unshakable. It would appear that anyone familiar with the title is also familiar with its star being Steve McQueen, even if that person had never seen The Blob (or any Steve McQueen film for that matter). They’re joyously shocked to find out that there was a remake. My only guess about the source of that joy is that they are pleased they don’t have to watch a movie quite so dated (if they want to see a large jellied mass eat people). While 1958’s special effects can be easily replicated with a camcorder and a jar of jam, 1988’s special effects suffer from early CGI. What is great about 1958’s Blob is its cast of overqualified actors (even if they seem to change clothes between scenes). What is great about 1988’s Blob is the practical special effects used for close-ups and quite grisly scenes of the Blob grabbing and eating people. These are the scenes eager movie viewers of 1958 wished they could have seen (and which made the 1988 version my personal favorite). Still, I do suggest that you see the earlier version to fully appreciate how well the second one follows it and provides a twist to pay homage to the Cold War Era.