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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Comic Critic reviews "Zombiez"

The movie Zombiez has all the fineness of a high school film project, minus the high school students. I was terribly disappointed. At first I thought the plastic weapons, repainted to look even more like metal, were a joke, but there is nothing funny in this project. Okay, the guy in the chicken suit is funny. But you die of old age before you get that far in the story. Wait, did I use the word real quote marks “story”? My apologies. No story here. And for the love of all that is gruesome, if you are going to produce a horror film, own up and invest in several gallons of stage blood and not cheap out and buy what I can only assume was a discounted off-brand bottle of ketchup. In a zombie movie, guts should fall “out” of people, not “off’” them. Hello! Prop Master? House keys don’t open handcuffs! You would think that all of these obvious low production disasters might bring a few laughs, but it’s just too boring. If you decide to pull this one off the bargain shelf good luck staying awake.