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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Return of Stickman #1166

While I haven't had a rude waiter in a long time, the ones I did have stick out in my mind. I tend to get the waitress you is in middle of a mental meltdown. One example would be the waitress who sat my wife and I down without leaving any menus. Five minutes later she came back to take our order then went away to fetch the menus. Ten minutes later she comes back with two beers and sits them down in front of us without a word and leaves before we can get a word out. This is very odd as my wife and I don't drink. Fifteen minutes later she comes back to assure us the order is on its way. We reminded her that we never got our menus, didn't place an order, and what's up with the beers? I can't remember if we left at that point or if we tried to stick it out and she never surfaced again. At some point the evening got so bad you just start to block things as a form of self preservation.