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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jet City Comic Show Report and The Return of Stickman

I had a table at the Jet City Comic Show at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. This was the first year of the show and I'm proud to say that I pulled a profit, a modest one, but a profit all the same. The show kept me from posting a movie review this week, but I promise to have one ready for you next week. Here are some snapshots of the show and today's The Return of Stickman.

Rat City Girls at Jet City Comic Show 2010
Rat City Rollergirls buying a copy of the book.

Keith Curtis and Mark Monlux
Keith Curtis of Crater on the Moon owns a copy.

Emily Papel & Mark Monlux at Jet City Comic Show 2010
If you enjoy The Return of Stickman, you will also enjoy Emily Papel's 2^5 webcomic.

Drew Pocza at Jet City Comic Show 2010
Drew Pocza of Pokeweed took home one of my giant squid posters.