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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Comic Critic Reviews Robo Vampire. Also: The Return of Stickman #1028

Robo Vampire is so abysmally horrible that it made a very special list: my Top Ten Worst Movies of All Time. Believe me, when I say that, I have seen some monumental disasters. My strip makes fun of how I felt on viewing it—that it started out as a bad cop vs. drug lord kung-fu flick, and then, halfway through production, the director decided that it needed something, anything, to give it some potential market value. If by any chance, I am mistaken, and this is how the script was originally conceived, I would be left wordless. Which is just how this film should be seen. During a loud party put it on, just to have something going on that will befuddle your guests. Other than the novelty of moving wallpaper, this film lacks any merit and I highly advise you to avoid it. Why did I review it? Because it was a fan’s suggestion. And I told him that I would move it to the top of my list of reviews to do—if he updated his webcomic’s archive. He did, so I did. And now I wish, oh how I wish, I hadn’t.