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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Comic Critic Reviews The Skeptic

I was very pleased to see a number of familiar faces in The Skeptic. The casting is spot-on. There is nothing lacking in the story. The film and editing are well controlled. So I gave it a point for these strong efforts, but I’d already taken away a point for the gratuitous use of a flashlight during the first five minutes (of an opening that belonged on a television drama instead of the big screen). I enjoyed this movie like I enjoy listening to the plot of an old, creepy radio program unfold. It has a different pace—meant more to creep out your mind than get all boogie-boogie in your face. I also enjoyed how I was left questioning its ending. The Skeptic is a unique cup of tea. Still, not everybody likes tea. And lot of tea lovers like only one kind of tea. But with a whiff of experimentation on the right chilly night, you just might could find it to your taste.