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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tacoma Public Library Project

I just finished up on a project that was a lot of fun. The Tacoma Public Library asked me to do a series of eight cartoons featuring kids reading books in interesting places and situations. What made the project challenging was the images are going to be used into two different size formats, and in two different shape formats. One size would be nine inches by nine inches square on mini-posters. The second size would be two and a quarter inch wide round stickers. This meant that the images would need to have detail scalability. It also meant that I needed to create the image with three zones. Zone one would be the middle of the image and be the center point. Zone two was the image where the text would fall (with an option to remove the text). Zone three were the corners, where I’d have extra bits that would be seen only on the square layout. David Domkoski, Community Relations Manager of TPL, guided me in my efforts and we are both very happy with the results.

Technical Note: All of the blacks in the images were made with a color combination of; C: 20, M: 20, Y: 20, K: 100. This rich black helps the black stand up to the vibrant colors while at the same time removes any chance that white slivers will appear next to the black in case a bump in the registration occurs. Something that I’ve seen happen in the past when producing stickers on rolls rather than sheets.