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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Comic Critic reviews Inception

For a couple of decades after Magnum P.I. was on TV, Tom Selleck was my cab driver whenever I took a taxi in my dreams. But after I told my friends, Mr. Selleck stopped appearing in my dreams. What does this have to do with Inception? I’ll get to that in a moment.

I loved all the terms Inception used when describing parts of dreams: projection, architecture, kicker, and layers. I also greatly enjoyed how the structure of the dialog was as important as the structure of the editing. While my eyes were busy gliding through a maze of visuals, my brain was also busy trying to decipher the dialog for clues as to what was true and what was a red herring in the storyline. Above all else, I love how this film doesn’t bother to explain itself and makes no apologies; you either follow it or you don’t. This film was very close to a ten for me, but if I told you what denominator made it a nine, I might never see Tom Selleck again.