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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Comic Critic Reviews Black Sheep

I am a bit of a zombie movie snob. I’m of the belief that a zombie should be categorized by one of two definitions. The first and easiest to understand is that something living dies and then becomes reanimated, usually with a craving for living flesh and/or brains. The second is that original and deliciously obscure version from the Caribbean, a true zombie. A combination of mind games, secret chemistry, and the supernatural are used to manipulate a living creature into a zombie state. Now, I understand filmmakers having fun turning herbivores into carnivores alongside characters who are doing their best to be vegans. And I can understand the argument that because chemicals and the mystic art of science were involved to somehow change these docile creatures, it technically falls into that second category. But part of me just can’t embrace a genetically-engineered zombie. Then again, I never would have conceived of sheep as zombies, either.
So, I'm curious. Do you think that Black Sheep is a zombie film or not?