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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Comic Critic Reviews Two of a Kind

But first we have to get caught up on a couple of strips of....

Have you ever wondered why John Travolta needed a comeback? Or why Olivia Newton John was never seen in another big hit after “Grease” came out? It’s because there are movies out there that go beyond box office bomb. These films are more than just duds; they reek of the vile stench of the unholy. Mere association with such a film is enough to derail your career, but to be the star of such a fiasco? Oh, Mommy! Good luck to you, Mate. With any luck whatsoever, the industry and viewing public will completely forget this travesty, and your involvement with it. That is, unless some cartoonist comes along to encourage his readership to leave this dusty DVD on the shelf.