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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Comic Critic Reviews Lo

If you’re looking for a ton of CGI graphics to show the depths of hell, Lo isn’t what you want. Cerebral, Lo’s minimalism held both good and awful potential. By keeping true to its minimal form, Lo’s mood remained dark, even during moments of levity, bringing out the best it had to offer. And for once, we have a movie that uses darkness for the completely right reasons. It was challenging to draw this review. My problem was that most of its iconic imagery is so heavily tied to its minimalist structure. I did as much as I could without giving away anything. My posting this comic today instead of earlier this week is a result of forgetfulness. I forgot to get started drawing it earlier. Then I forgot to post it on the blog after posting it on the site. I've been very bummed out this week. My favorite comic book store, Comic Book Ink, will soon be closing its doors. One of the reasons I enjoy the comic book store so much is that it's immediately adjacent to the closest movie theater. I tend to visit both of them a lot.