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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Comic Critic Reviews Bellflower

Bellflower was shown at the Ellensburg Film Festival, otherwise known as EFF7. Because I’ve been bragging about it endlessly, some of you might know that I drew the festival’s poster this year. The art from my poster was used on all promotional materials, from the ticket stubs to the website. I spent the weekend attending (and giving) presentations at the festival. If you follow The Comic Critic Facebook page, you know that I try to post movie trailers of new and old movies. Bellflower was one of the previews I posted a while back and I was very excited to see it at the festival. This review is one of the few I’ve been able to draw before the mainstream release because I saw it at the festival. I’m hoping that my enthusiasm for the festival has not bled over too much in my rating of Bellflower. I should also say that this film has a dog in it. If you are familiar with my rating system, you know that a dog in a movie automatically adds an additional point to the tally.