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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Comic Critic Reviews Z Channel

I enjoy watching the occasional documentary. And I have fans that have been asking me to review more documentaries. When I learned of Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession I immediately added it to my must see list. The Z Channel was a cable channel that was only available in a small area in California. Up here in the Pacific Northwest, our family received Showtime as part of a basic cable setup. Cable was still very new, and like the rest of the world, our only television experience until then was broadcast. Now, as you might guess, I love watching movies. And having Showtime was like having manna from heaven. And thanks to the Z Channel and its influence on the industry I was able to enjoy the benefits. I was able to see Heaven’s Gate in its full-uncut glory. And that was just one of a hundred pleasures I was able to experience due to the influence of the Z channel.

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