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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Return of Stickman #1472 and #1473

I'm very familiar with the biker mentality. I went on a visiting to my brother's friend in the hospital. His motorcycle was sideswiped by somebody shooting out a parking lot. The accident broke several bones along that side of his body, and he lost a few fingers. When we got to his room he told us all about the larger, better motorcycle money he was going to buy the insurance settlement. Before people start sending me email telling me that I got the facts wrong, let me say that... Yes, I know it was not a chainsaw. Yes, I know that an EMT was just a few feet away and the first to respond. and also... This is a cartoon. A poorly drawn cartoon. And while at times it does a better job of reporting the news than Fox, it is still a comic strip that is inspired by the many odd events that happen in the world. Something I hope my copy editor will finally accept. There is no need to fact check this strip. I know what the problem is. You all care too much. Thanks for caring. Keeping those inspiring articles coming.