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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Comic Critic Reviews "2012" & Gets a bit written up about him

I’ve been hearing a term for all of these global apocalypse films that have come out in the last decade: Apocalypse Porn. Apocalypse Porn can be differentiated from other apocalypse films by the emphasis on stunning visuals of roads collapsing, cities destroyed, continents crumbling, and big freaking waves washing away the filth of the world. Not to worry, there are still plenty of apocalyptic films out there that may require your gray matter. But for those of you who don’t mind just going for the sensual experience of the world coming to an end, your apocalypse porn will be guilt-free.

On another note, The Tacoma News Tribune did a nice little write-up on The CLAW, which has a nice picture of me.