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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Comic Critic Review "Otto; Or, Up with Dead People"

It is only because I consider myself a true Zombie Film aficionado that I decided to watch it. I did not postpone seeing this movie because it involved gay zombie sex. I postponed watching this movie because I was worried that it might go a little further than some x-rated gay zombie sex. I was horrified when my fears were confirmed and this film went to a dark, grisly, unmentionable place beyond x-rated gay zombie sex. My eyes feel like they have been violated. That said, Otto; Or, Up with Dead People is a pretty good Zombie Movie. You know the filmmaker is doing something right when you start questioning your long held perceptions about flesh-eating zombies. It took me back to the early days of Zombie Films, when the audience questioned whether the zombie they were seeing on the screen was living, dead, or worse. But I do have to warn that both homophobes and homosexuals might find a few of the scenes more than just a little disturbing.