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Monday, March 16, 2015

The Comic Critic reviews Killing Them Softly

The theme of Killing Them Softly is economic collapse. Various radio and television clips provide a stream of politician giving their spin on the economic crisis. These broadcasts are aired in beater cars, back alley restaurants and bars that were dives when they were built. Even the airport and hotel rooms leave us feeling drab, as they are barren of any human warmth. It’s all a landscape for a dark comedy; too bad we never feel any sympathy for the larceny filled creatures that inhabit this landscape. Right off the bat we are introduced to two of the sleaziest. Regrettably these scumbags are going to be the only characters the audience can build a connection. But they’re such repulsive losers that nobody wants to put in the effort. As a result it’s hard to feel anything for anyone is this bleak world. When their lives collapse-just like the economy-we’re left hoping for better days.