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Friday, December 26, 2008

The Comic Critic Reviews Death at a Funeral and The Return of Stickman #903

I enjoy watching movies about funerals. I think that I’m attracted to wondering if the dead have a final surprise waiting for us. Maybe it’s a message left behind by plan or accident. Maybe it’s a long held secret finally revealed within the will. Or just the opening spill gates of raw emotion drenching everyone. Whatever the cause, for me a funeral movie is like a roadside accident, my curiosity of how bad the damage is always gets the better of me and I have to rubberneck. And if you rubberneck as well, you will see something more than a mere fender-bender as there is some heavy wreckage occurring. There might even be a fatality.

I bet the boys down at Soapy's are still talking about this.

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