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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Return of Stickman #something-something

Sometimes I draw a buffer of strips so that I can take the morning off to do other things like go to the dentist and stuff. But then inspiration hits and I get a slew of ideas. Sometimes this slew of ideas follows a them and it only makes sense to put them all together in a week. This strip was in the hopper, but was delayed a week while I fixated on storage units. The is the real #1431, not #1435. But I don't think anybody cares. I don't even know why I'm typing this. Oh! Wait! Now I remember. I'm always curious to see how well one of my postings does when it has naughty words like porn and strippers in the labels.

 I'm also prepping for The Tacoma Zombpocalypse. Please invite your friends to it on Facebook via this event posting. Several of my friends are behind this show and I want it to be a success for them so that it will come back again next year. Tacoma needs more fun conventions like this. I'm not the only person excited about this show.