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Friday, December 19, 2008

The Comic Critic Reviews Silent Night Deadly Night and The Return of Stickman #896

Everyone has been aking me to do a Holdiay Movie. So I thought I would do a public service announcement about one holiday movie you might be tempted (out of sheer blissful ignorance) to give or watch this find holiday season. Let me by very clear: Do not watch this movie! Of all the blood dripping slasher films that were produced in the 80s this one disturbs and shocks more deeply than any other. Lunatic Santas running loose were not a new thing when this film came out. 1972's Tales of the Crypt had an axe-wielding Santa, and in 1980 another killer Santa was released in Christmas Evil (originally released as You Better Watch Out). But, there is something in SNDL that gave folks the jitters, started protests, and cause the distributor to withdraw it. What was that little something? Sheer exploitation of brutal violence. Some of those scenes remain unpleasantly seared into my mind. Maybe age has made this film campy, but it wasn't campy back in the day, and I'm not willing to watch it again to find out. So, why am I giving it an eight? Because it gave me, a veteran of many a gut splasher, the royal heebie-jeebies.

The idea for this strip kept running around my head.

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