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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Comic Critic Reviews El Orfanato

I enjoy reading other critics’ blogs. One of them featured a list of one hundred must-see horror movies. I was shocked that I’ve yet to see twenty-two of them, many made in the last ten years. As someone who considers himself a horror aficionado, I found that, well, horrifying. I’ve wanted to see The Orphanage for a while. My friend Pammy would enjoy it. She loves a good horror film to exercise her brain cells. I’m currently exercising my own brain cells, deciding which one hundred horror films I’d consider as must-see. I think The Orphanage might make the list.

Emerald City Comicon
is coming soon! And once again I will have a table there. I will be selling my book, giant squid posters and Donnie Darko t-shirts! My table location is J-15. To get there from the Main Entrance walk straight to the back of the convention and I will be in the right hand corner. I know a lot of you missed the show last year and have been dying to go this this show. It's bigger than before! Look to see you there.