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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Return of Stickman and New Year's Resolutions

The first strip of these two was inspired by my very good friend, Kevin Boze. Kevin is probably one of the cleverest gentlemen I've ever met. He has a lightning fast wit that, when deployed, hits with the grace and accuracy of a drone missile. I'm confident the strip will leave him with a chortle.

I love New Year's Resolutions. I like to think up new ones that nobody has ever thought of before. Frame five of the strip refers to an actual New Year's Resolution that I kept - much to the amusement of my wife. I think during the entire course of the year I only forgot to go "Arg!" at a waitress only a handful of times. The key I have found is to do it just before you launch into your order. And sometimes you get a waitress who is a quick witted as Kevin. Here is how one exchange went...

"Arg! I'd like to have the catfish with red potatoes." I ordered. "What is the soup of the day?"
"Arg! That be Minestroné." the waitress replied. "We be fresh out of Clam Chowder."