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Monday, October 8, 2012

the Comic Critic Reviews The Ten Commandments

Given the royalty-free status of the story, you might wonder why The Ten Commandments hasn’t undergone a slew of remakes. I can tell you why nobody is going to do a reboot of the book Exodus anytime soon: Cecil B. DeMille got it right. This movie is huge! With its huge stars, it tells a huge story, has huge special effects with huge sets and a huge cast. It easily found its way into the heart of a society whose motto is Bigger is Better and stayed there. It remains fixed as an icon because it was made with grit and sweat on a scale of size, quality, and excellence that would be nearly impossible today. A huge achievement back in the day, it remains one now. If you haven’t seen it, you must. Be sure to get the full-length version to enjoy all 220 minutes. Huge!

Can you complete the Ten Commandment Challenge?
Without looking it up on the Internet, or asking another’s help, can you write down the Ten Commandments in ten minutes? I used to go to the Mall and make this bet with total strangers. If they could do it, they would win ten dollars. In all the times I asked only once did I lose.