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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Return of Stickman #1509 & Logo for Tacoma Games

I hope you're enjoying getting acquainted with Stickman's family.

Here's my fall schedule of events:
Rose City - Portland
Report: I had a great time playing shuffle the artist as the convention staff found my correct place in the order of things. Great dinners out with the gang. The drive to and from was a lot of fun too.
QZ Con - Tacoma
Report: Tacoma worst weather in years! The torrents of rain made for road closures and highway traffic nightmares. The attendance was very low as a result.
October 5-6 24 Hour Comic Challenge - Tacoma
October 12 Bellingham Comic Con - Bellingham
October 19 Geek Girl Con - Seattle
November 2 Jet City Comic Con - Tacoma

One of my projects in September was creating a logo for a new gaming store opening up in Tacoma called Tacoma Games. I came up with three really great ideas that both the client and I loved. We were all happy choosing this one as the winner.