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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Comic Critic Reviews Skyline

My friend Chuck Messinger, comic book writer, owner of Comic Evolution, co-founder of Creator’s Edge Press, likes Skyline. I can’t tell you why he likes this movie because that would be a spoiler. I go out of my way not to drop spoilers. I’d love to describe this alien invasion movie by referring to other movies, but even those hints would be spoilers. The plot is so thin that if it were paint being applied to a wall, it would need a second coat. Let’s just say that this is meant to be a good movie and ended up being one of those bad movies that’s fun—that’s how bad it is. I finally found a few obscure, yet more-or-less accurate references to use. Oh, and I hear that Skyline 2 is in development.

My friends Gordon and Paul are part of the Norman Tweeter Productions. When they hit the movies they are merciless with their raw spewing of spoiler-filled comments - usually done in the back of their car in the theater parking lot while emotions (or other things) are high. Here is their video review of Skyline. By the way, Paul and Gordon are puppets.