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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Comic Critic's Review of Higanjima Escape from Vampire Island

Why? Why? Why do I keep watching truly horrible horror movies? I could be spending my time watching any of the thousands of decent movies out there – truly entertaining movies. I could be basking the glory of Oscar winning performances. Or learning something meaningful and relevant with a documentary. I could be laughing my head off with a quirky comedy. But, no. When given an option of choosing from all those genres I find myself selecting an unknown horror film of questionable vintage. I guess it’s because I truly love horror movies. My search for that fantastic scary movie continues. But in my search for a prince of a film I have kissed so many frogs – icky, toxic, slime covered frogs. Higanjima Escape from Vampire Island isn’t even a frog, it’s a big fat toad.