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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Comic Critic Reviews "The Machine Girl"

Let’s not kid ourselves; The Machine Girl falls well into the category of Grindhouse, with big sloppy doses of gore. So, besides judging on the amount of gore, we are also judging on the amount of shameless violence (preferably involving plenty of gore) and the personal code of vigilante justice (most definitely needing plenty of gore). The fact that this little gem has the novelty of being relatively new and from Japan is just extra whipped cream and cherries on a blood-soaked dessert. This film may not be for the squeamish or those with a strict sense of anatomy, but it is gruesome fun for those of us who enjoy a splatterfest.


Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon said...

Enjoyed this one a lot!

I don't like this type of movie though, so I'll skip the movie and just enjoy this review!


Carlos Echenique said...

I saw this film. "Grindhouse" is a perfect description for it. What got me was the fact that beings on this planet seemed to lack skeletons and were held up by extreme hydraulic pressure. Fire hydrants don't spurt as far as these guys did or that they held what appeared to be 10x the amount of blood we do. A more correct title would have been "Machine Girl vs the Blood Sausages". That, and the fact that their swords were sharper than anything we make. Apparently they have mastered monoatomic blades (swords honed till the cutting edge is one atom thick) along with garage surgery/junkyard cyborgs.

Wouldn't let the kids see it (it was a Netflix instant download) but if you like huge truckloads of gore, this is your film.