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Monday, December 2, 2013

Twitter Tip #6

Twitter Tip #6

Follow those you retweet.
Retweeting can be seen as a referral to your followers to follow the creator of the tweet. That referral will have meaning when your followers see that you are also following the creator. Retweets have both the Twitter address of the creator and the person who retweet – which makes it simple to check them out before Following them.

Silent partnerships grow this way. I post cartoons via my tweets. When I get a notification that there is a fellow cartoonist out there retweeting my work, I make a point of investigating their profile and past tweets. I often end up retweeting their cartoons —as long as they follow my themes. You will create a number of Twitter partnerships this way. If there is space, add a comment in the message before the retweet. And never retweet yourself.

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